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CyberWeek is a flexible week-long curriculum geared towards K-12 students to detect online threats, gain a better understanding of how the internet works & spark an interest in the cybersecurity careers of the future.

The ultimate goal of CyberWeek is to teach current students on how to be safe and conscious consumers, creators, and citizens five days at a time. Stopping threats before they could happen.


Activities designed to both
Educate & Inspire

We’re passionate about solving problems through creative learning events.

Smart Cyber Hygiene
Smart Cyber Hygiene

Dive into strong passwords, virus protection, phishing messages, and detecting scams

Tech Role Models
Tech Role Models

Meet the diverse tech pioneers & innovators that build the world we live in today and modern way of life

Cyber Careers
Cyber Careers

The country will need thousands of cyber professionals in the upcoming years. Learn about internships and career building opportunities

How the Web Works
How the Web Works

Explore the key elements of the internet such as SSL, the Cloud & app security

percent of students
felt more secure


Help students become Cyber Safe in your corner of the World

If you’re a school, organization, or tech company that is interested in starting a CyberWeek in your community, we would love to hear from you.

Helping Administrations

Cyber Policy.

Many schools lack a policy that addresses the online safety of students. Cyberweek.org has published an open source framework to aid school administrations to start the process of developing their own strategies.


increase in US academic cyber threats over the last 2 years*

Program Partners

Working together to build a
new community of Cyber Experts.

CyberWeek is thankful for the support of its partners to bring cyber awareness to the next generation of digital natives.

Their commitment makes programs like this possible to exist.

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July 14, 2020

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